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Winter Wardrobe

Winter Wardrobe Essential !

The Waterproof Jacket

The memory of 2008’s Polaris, held in some of the most ridiculously horrible conditions known to any cyclist, just about causes me to seek psychiatric help whenever my brain opens the folder I seem to have mentally earmarked as ‘Don’t enter, very bad’.


Everything was set for a great weekend, with miles of sublime singletrack and exhilarating downhill prepared by the organisers, but who would have thought that enough rain to submerge several rather larger elephants would hit the hills that fateful weekend?

Because of what UKMountainbiker and Always Riding collectively endured on that fitful weekend, we though that perhaps some advice in the ‘i’d like to stay warm and dry’ arena might be worthwhile. So batten down the hatches and heave ho for the first in our 'Winter Wardrobe' articles. First up, waterproof jackets....

Which type of waterproof?
Choosing a waterproof is just a matter of deciding how you like to ride. For example, are you likely to go for a ride when it’s raining? If you haven’t got a pressing reason to ride and the rain is coming down as you step out of the door, you may decide to wait for better conditions.


If you are a rider that likes to be prepared for the worst but prefers to start a ride in the dry, then an ‘emergency’ lightweight jacket, slim on features but high on weatherproofness, is probably what you need.


Rolled tight and packed into a jersey pocket, an ‘emergency’ jacket will ensure you stay dry and comfortable if the weather takes a turn for the worst, but without the bulk of a fully developed jacket.  


Some good lightweight suggestions are:

  • Sombrio Wingman Jacket
  • For Women:

    For riders who love the rain (yep, there are a few!), or for those times when you just have to ride, whether that’s for a race or daily commute, then a more full featured waterproof jacket is a great idea.


    Not only will you benefit from increased breathability and comfort, but the many extra features, from pockets to warmth, that a fully developed jacket can provide.

    Try these for size:

    For Women:

    Whichever jacket you choose will depend on how, when and where you like to ride. Keeping your riding habits in mind when you buy a jacket will ensure you buy the best and most suitable waterproof, so you can tweak the nose of rain, and give it's impudent watery demands a swift slap in the face!