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If you've bought a pair of shorts, checked out a jersey, or tried on a hat in a store,  then you probably had a preconceived idea of your size at the time. If there is one thing we all like sticking to, it's our measurements, from small to x large, we tend to buy from habit.


But what if your correct clothing size isn't based on what size you usually buy, but on the manufacturer's sizing chart? If that was the case then anything could happen, monkeys could fly out of your trousers and old men would pass you downhill on a unicycle, it doesn't bear thinking about!!! Well, as far as clothes go, it is the case, so be prepared to get passed by a wheezy octogenarian, and strafed by an ape, as sizing charts rule!

To prepare yourself for this brave new world you simply need to forget what you think your size is, forget your buying habits, and be led by your tape measure and the manufacturer's guide. All you have to do is spend a bit of time looking at a sizing chart, and if possible, reading any extra comments the retailer has made that can aid your buying process, and you'll end up with a perfect fit. A good example is on the Always Riding site, where as well as accurate sizing charts, you can also find extra information on many products that they have gathered from customer feedback.


Buying with the sizing chart in mind, instead of buying the size you've always bought, will mean you are far more likely to be happy with your purchase, wear it more comfortably, and above all enjoy your riding.


Pete Harrington - Always Riding 27th June 2008