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Route SU001

Having started a new job based in Leatherhead, I was determined to take advantage of the opportunity of exploring new areas and loading up new routes on the site.


A good starting point I thought would be the only current route in Surrey and (over optimistically) I whizzed across after work for the ride.

Having used my Satmap unit to guide me through Dorking, I made the basic schoolboy error – I got to the car park at the same moment that my unit announced “Battery critical” and started the 30 second count down to switch itself off.


Brilliant – first time in the area, on my own and no GPS unit. Equally importantly, would Ade ever let me hear the last of it???
I hunted round the car and fortunately, found 3 half used AA batteries in my head torch, swapped them in to my GPS and I was off and running with e printed route directions and map as back up.

90 minutes in to the route and the half used batteries packed in just outside of Peaslake so I opted to bug out (as the light was just beginning to go too so I had bugger all chance of completing the route – more time down the gym me thinks) and took the roads route back to the car park.

Mike - UK Mountainbiker

A great first ride in this area – I was amazed at the downhills on offer and want more!!!