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Whether it's a fun weekend away, a commute to work or a snatched 20 minute blast on the trails, the bottom line is that you want to maintain a comfortable body temperature, be prepared for all weather conditions, and above all, stay safe when you go for a ride.


Bearing that in mind, we thought a few clothing suggestions wouldn't got amiss to help make your bike time a little more enjoyable.


The secret to successful bike dressing? Layers. They'll give you the option to remove or add pieces of clothing as the weather changes, enabling you to keep a comfortable body temperature, leaving you fresh and exhilarated at the end of the day. Check our guide to the individual layers below, and our product suggestions for each one.


Baselayer - Say hello to your little friend!

Think of this little buddy like a very advanced vest, the sort of thing you'd be glad to be spotted putting on by the neighbours (but not that weirdo from number 3 with the binoculars). Put it on as your first layer, and it will sit next to your skin moving sweat away from your body, helping your skin to maintain a comfortable temperature. Don't think of it as a Winter thing though, you should be wearing a baselayer all year round.


Suggestions for Men:

Craft Pro Cool T with Mesh
Canterbury Hot Essential
BioRacer KM Short Sleeve

For Women:

Craft Pro Cool T with Mesh
Craft Pro Cool Singlet


Mid Layer - Throw away that nasty fleece

Wear it over your baselayer as the second layer, and they'll work together like The Beatles (pre Yoko Ono), pulling sweat away from your body, thus keeping your temperature regulated.


Suggestions for Men:

Craft Active Basic Jersey
BioRacer Uni Jersey
Northwave Stream Jersey
Helly Hansen Trailwizard
Helly Hansen Stripe Half Zip

For Women:

BioRacer Uni Jersey
Helly Hansen Trail Wizard


Outerlayer - Now you're looking dapper!

The cherry that completes the well dressed cake. Working together with your base and mid layers, the outerlayer is the final stage in moving sweat away from your body. A good layer here will protect you from the elements, which could be showers or a monsoon depending on which one you choose, offer wind resistance or protection, and preferably be in a vivid colour to make sure drivers see you. The genius to the layering system is that if its not raining, or its warm, then simply roll the outerlayer up and put it in your jersey pocket. If the wind picks up or it starts to rain, bring it out, and you'll be warm, dry and comfortable.


Suggestions for Men:

Craft Performance Light Jacket
BioRacer Dritex Casual Jacket
Endura Rebound Jacket
Endura Stealth Jacket
Kona Road/XC Jacket

For Women:

Craft Performance Light Jacket
Endura Air Defence
Sombrio Lush Jacket
Endura Phoenix


Pete Harrington - Always Riding 27th June 2008