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Friday night ride - mountainbiker 004

Friday night ride

Managed to get a pass out for a Friday night (which is a change to taking the kids to swimming lessons).

A team of three of us - Ade, Stu and myself had planned to meet at the car park at Sherwood Pines but when I got there first, I found out the car park closed at 8 p.m. which was of no use whatsoever as we would have lost an hour on the bikes of a two and half hour blast. Why FC do you do this??

Plan B swung in to operation and re-rendezvous'd at the Dog & Duck round the corner which meant a closer refreshment point at the end of the ride!
Highlights of the night were:

  1. Using the Satmap Active 10 units in anger which meant we could blast anywhere without fear of getting lost although Ade's gps skills defnitely need refreshing!
  2. Finding the bike park and trying to act like 13 year olds and catch some air - failed miserably! None of us had the bottle to even try the medium section!
  3. The excellent weather and the pint at the end!

Mike - UK Mountainbiker