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Chafe free saddle time.... - Always Riding 210808

Chafe free saddle time....

No matter how well fitting the shorts, at some point in your cycling life you may experience some chafing 'downstairs'. Yes, we're talking about that special area they like to call the 'Perineum'. Sounds like a mountain range doesn't it? Well it's not, but it is as sensitive as you can get, and very prone to chafing caused by localised friction.

So what is the solution? Stay off the bike, rub liberal amounts of vaseline below the equator in a frantic yet utterly futile attempt to cool your burning undercarriage? Perhaps best not to try that, as there is a very simple solution which will allow you to ride your bike in total comfort, and banish those chafing gremlins forever.

The answer to your saddle sore needs is a ReSkin bike patch, an advanced frictionless patch developed in Belgium by apparel specialists Bioracer in close conjunction with a number of Road bike Pro Tour teams. Applied to the problem area, the ReSkin patch sits between your legs stuck on with a gentle skin friendly adhesive, and tweaks the nose of friction whilst you sit in soft skin delight. The reusable patch is lined with a self-adhesive medical grade polymer gel, specially designed to relieve the friction between the body and the bicycle saddle or rough surfaces, like the seam area where the chamois is sewed on the shorts or sand that has made access into the short. All you 'll notice however is a sublime level of comfort, allowing you to train, race, or simply enjoy a leisurely ride in chafe free delight.