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Mapyx Quo Update

Update released for Quo, now ready for free download from

Mapyx Ltd. has just released a new update for their Essential Digital Mapping Software for Outdoor Enthusiasts.
The new update is another leap forward in every aspect from ease of use to most advanced functions on the market.

New update will enhance Quo with:

  • new Quo Mobile Planner - now standard with every FREE Quo GO
  • new Opacity property for maps – overlay OS maps on top of Aerial and make Hybrid View
  • new Summary information for Route, Track Segment – check it with just two clicks
  • new Continuous Track drawing – draw Track as freehand using your mouse
  • new Simplified function – reduce the number of Points in Route and Track and much more...

All the new functions are comming on top of:

  • Unique GUI interface which makes Quo even easier to use. Everything is accessed by the right click of the mouse button, with all the main functions in easy view.
  • Project Explorer lets you organise your outdoor pursuits even more clearly and with easy to use modification options. Store everything in one location and share it with your friends. It was never this easy.
  • Transparent windows feature lets you see more of the map than ever before. Transparent windows let's you see the maps as if in full screen mode. Even if you have all the QUO windows open on the screen you can see the whole map, yet still have all the functions and features to hand also.
  • History Tool records every step and you can restore your work on a project to unlimited number of steps back or forth. If you make a mistake it's now easier to repair and continue with your project planning.
  • Profile lets you see dynamically how your Profile is built. But that's not all, you can even compare two or more routes on the same profile, compare which one is harder or lighter. Unique feature only available in Quo, no such functionality in any competitive product. 
  • Fly through your routes or favourite spots and see them from a Birds Eye View point.
  • Print is simple to use but yet a powerful tool to create your prints better then before. Multiple page print was never that easy, until now. Produce your little outdoor atlas in minutes.
  • As usuall all the new functions in 2.0.2 update are free for all existing Quo users.

    Download your FREE copy of Quo GO now. Visit