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At Specialized, building bikes isn't a job. It's a full-bore, hardcore religion. A religion that's helped them evolve as a company and as riders over the last 20 years. To some, their obsession may seem a little sick in the head. But then, those people probably don't ride. They don't understand that, to be the best at something, you need to be a fanatic.  People like Specialize's product designers, who pursue innovations like they were well-hidden single tracks. Or the masochistic group down in R&D, who probably have more scar tissue than the entire NHL combined. Even their founder, Mike Sinyard, has been known to cancel meetings just so he could spend more time on the trail. Weird? Not to them. They started Specialized for two major reasons: Number one: they love the sport. Number two: they want to build products that help people like you enjoy the sport as much as they do. Full Stop.