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Obviously Sarecen are a bit biased, but there’s really never been a better time to get on your bike. Bikes have always been a brilliant way to see your world in a whole new way, while getting fitter, thinner and having a whole lot of fun at the same time. Now though there are more cycle lanes, countryside cycle routes, mountain bike trail centres and bike charity and challenge events than ever before. With traffic at a standstill bikes make more sense than ever whether it’s safe routes to schools, busting big air, de stressing at the weekend or just getting yourself healthier while getting about.

With new facilities and ways to have fun appearing every month, they’re really excited about the future at Saracen. But, they’re seriously excited about their new range too! They’ve never had a better or more varied range of bikes with their name on; which means they can give you the perfect bike for your world, whatever wheels you’re into. From first pedal strokes to ultralight commuting folders, razor sharp road bikes to hardcore singlespeed 24in jump rigs and everything in between.

Saracen have used all their decades of bike building expertise to craft superb, sweet riding bikes for every category you can think of. They’ve sourced the best possible equipment for effortless, efficient and totally enjoyable riding from your first ride to your furthest future plans. Top quality materials and component mixes mean Saracen bikes will always be ready to ride when you are, making you get the most from your riding whether it’s just the fastest way home from work, a 100km marathon or your first backflip. Saracen have always believed biking is brilliant.