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Iron Horse

Iron Horse Banner 450 x 144


At Iron Horse, this year has been marked by progression. From technical refinements to top-tier competition, Iron Horse has again proved its calibre with concrete results. The company has made an irrefutable mark in every arena from success on the track and evolution in the air to new technical refinements that dial in your daily ride. This drive to charge hard---which is part of every bike Iron Horse build---is clear in the grin of anyone who has taken an Iron Horse for a ride. With double world championship wins for Sam Hill and Sabrina Jonnier the results speak for themselves and showcased Iron Horses speed on the circuit.


Developed by Dave Weagle and now patented worldwide, the now legendary dw-link suspension system has received unsurpassed praise as a standout technology from the cycling media and riding public for its incredible performance and efficiency. The dw-link's revolutionary anti-squat geometry and bio-mechanically tuned design changed the way that the bicycle world viewed suspension. Delivering a crisp and efficient ride under power with unmatched bump compliance and negligible pedal feedback, the dw-link is a lightweight, easy to tune and maintain package that will mean less time fiddling with gadgets and more fun out on the trail.