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Ibis Banner 450 x 144

Ibis was founded way back in 1981 by Scot Nicol (He is also known as Chuck Ibis and that’s a whole other story…).  There are four partners in Ibis Cycles, Scot, Hans Heim, Tom Morgan and Roxy Lo, or five partners if you count both Scot and Chuck.

After a little more than twenty years of being a blissful bicycle business, Ibis took a bit of a break back in 2002. A long time ago, 1981 to be exact, the first Ibis bicycle was constructed in a funky little workshop up in Mendocino California. The short of it is that someone saw this first bike and asked, “can you build me one?”. One thing led to another. And for 20 years, the motley crew called Ibis built some of the finest, most innovative bicycles on the planet. It started as a one-man show doing everything, and wound up an internationally respected company of many. Ibis built road bikes, mountain bikes, cross bikes, tandems, rigid, suspended, titanium, aluminum, steel and carbon.

Ibis had a great run, and in 2000 after exactly 20 years it was time to sell the company. Unfortunately, Ibis Redux or Ibis Deux or Ibis II or as the lawyers called it Ibis LLC didn’t last long.  After 20 months, the new owners threw in the towel and declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Sometime the following year, Scot got a phone call from Hans Heim, an industry veteran whom he'd known since the early days of Ibis when he was serving his Specialized masters. After Specialized, Hans was an instrumental force growing the business at Bontrager Cycles, and after that was an instrumental force in growing a little company called Santa Cruz Bicycles.   Hans and his partner in Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp decided to part ways in 2002, and Hans left Santa Cruz Bicycles. Hans was not done making his mark on the bicycle industry, and called Scot to inquire about Ibis. Once again, one thing led to another, and Ibis is back. Their new “Velo Club” consists of Honch Hans and Scot Nicol, and they’ve added a couple of youngsters to keep us geriatrics fresh. Tom Morgan is another industry veteran, Tom knows how to get things done, as you should be able to tell from his résumé (as they say in French), or Curriculum Vitae (as they say in Latin), or whatever you want to call it. The fourth member of the posse is the one who brings aesthetics and reason to Ibis, and reminds them to put the toilet seat down. Her name is Roxy Lo and she responsible for all things involving beauty, including the design of the new Mojo.

Scot is proud to say that with this crew, Ibis is back. They’re going to continue on the path they left behind in the spring of 2000, bringing you the best, most fun to ride bikes they can.