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Genesis Banner 450 x 144


In 2007 Genesis evolved from being an award-winning series within the renowned Ridgeback range, to become a stand alone line-up of high performance road and mountain bikes with a distinctively British flavour.

The diverse riding backgrounds of the Genesis design team, along with favourable test reports and rider feedback have had a strong influence on the brand's development and expansion in 2008, allowing them to create more of the type of bikes we ride ourselves.

Bike design is a fascinating challenge as the bicycle in any format is already a well-honed product. However it's refreshing to know that a small difference in geometry or a changed component can still produce tangible improvements.  One of their goals is to seek out such improvements.

Refining frame layouts, paying close attention to detail and giving careful consideration to component combinations ensure that all Genesis bikes perform at the highest level on the UK's many varied roads and trails.