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Cove. super tough frames for riders that like to go bigger, further and faster.

As much as mountain bikers like to see themselves as badass individuals, truth be told, we never ride alone. When we're railing perfect singletrack, we want to scream at somebody. Just as natural as a log ride or technical rock drop, we want someone to scream back. That call from the forest telling us that we're among friends, immersed in the fellowship of family. It is a shout that rings from the rainforests of North Vancouver to the rugged shoreline of New South Wales, the rolling hills of England to the slick rock of Utah. Sure we might look different, we might ride different too, but when it comes down to the mud and the mayhem, we all share a certain ancestry - a kinship that brings us closer even though we might live a world apart. That's tribe.

Since 1981 our tribe's been exploring the wilderness of the North Shore, innovating, creating, riding and building bikes like our lives depended on it. Out of our commitment to this place, our friends and our family we've developed some of the best performing bicycles on the planet - a full quiver of of rides that express the history and roots of one of the the most influential zones in mountain biking...Deep Cove, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

From the Cove Tribe to yours, here's the latest from over 20 years roaming our lands.

Cove Bikes, spreading the love since 1981.