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Be One

 BeOne Banner 450 x 144

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Be One Bikes was founded in 1997 as part of a brand name of Batavus. Apparently the team at Batavus didn't see that mountain bikes fitted in with their image so it was launched under a new name - B1 Bikes. Since then the brand had become an innovator in mountain biking design with a bunch of top and pro riders to it's name.


Batavus and Be One Bikes are pretty much two at least appearance wise - two separate entities now and the Be One Bikes team are really into making their own individual style.


 "We at Be One Bicycles just want to make the best frames and bike products we can - concepts that really work and stand out from the crowd. A lot of bike companies just aim at being no.1 but we aim at being the best which is different.  Be One Bikes is a small outfit but that doesn't stop us from being creative and producing stuff that makes peoples eyes pop out and say wow - that's cool".


"We have a people in charge of the general direction of BeOne Bikes and then we have the design team. There are also those responsible for the specs and ranges or cycle products we make. We are also influenced by outside designers and manufacturers in the motor industry as well as the cycle industry. Be One Bikes have a professional mountainbike team which helps us improve products and give our brand credibility".


 And of course all the people at Be One Bikes are into mountain biking and sport in general. Be One Bikes does cross country mountain biking, urban cycling machines, Freeride and Downhill racing bikes and plenty of stuff between - these people are passionate about mountain bikes